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Vishen is just one of the most electrifying speakers on the personal growth stage, with his creations like A-Fest and Mindvalley University City Campus, he’s reinvented the personal growth speaking industry.

Today A-Fest is one of the hottest tickets in personal growth. While Mindvalley University City Campus with some 300 events over 30 days is one of the most ambitious and longest transformational experiences on the planet. Both were created from the mind of Vishen.

A letter from Vishen

Connecting with people on stage is one of my greatest gifts and passions. I believe a single impactful keynote has the power to ripple across mankind’s collective consciousness.

I view getting on stage the same way a pro athlete views his game. I don’t take this responsibility lightly and I prepare intensely. I see being asked to speak at your event as a profound honor and I do everything I can to deliver. I frequently arrive early and embed myself in disguise within the conference to understand attendee needs. And every talk is curated and customized to the audience I speak to. In short, I’m there to do my best to serve you.

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Sample Talks & Speaker Reel

A quick speaker reel if you’re interested in booking Vishen.

Vishen has spoken at:

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Some crazy facts


Vishen was given his first break as a speaker when he was put on stage at a major event in Calgary that featured the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson and other massive names. Vishen tied as the audience vote for BEST SPEAKER. This launched his speaking career.

Vishen on stage in Calgary as a speaker


Speaking at the Underground Seminar in Washington DC, Vishen’s talk got a standing ovation. He asked the audience if they’d like to go deeper on his ideas. Then and there, A-Fest was born. Today A-Fest, now 8 years old is one of the hottest events in the entire personal growth industry.

Vishen on stage at A-Fest


In January, Vishen was featured on the cover of SPEAKER MAGAZINE.

Vishen spoke at Wisdom 2.0 at Google HQ Dublin. His talk became the most popular talk in their Youtube channel with 1.1 MILLION views and counting.

Vishen featured on the Speaker magazine


Speaking at JJ Virgin’s Mindshare Summit, his talk was so good, he was offered a book deal by an editor from Rodale Inc who happened to be in the audience. It was one of the biggest book deals for a first time author. That book - The Code of the Extraordinary Mind went on to become the #1 book globally on Amazon three years later.

At XPRIZE Visioneering, some 150 of the world’s smartest people came together to pitch new ideas to change the world. Vishen as a part of two different teams. He was so persuasive his team’s won both the #1 and #2 spot out of approximately 100 ideas. His winning idea was the Human Dignity XPRIZE to support the world’s 70M displaced people.

The code of the extraordinary mind book
Vishen on stage at XPrize Visioneering

Sample speeches & potential keynote topics

Vishen speaks to elevate and unite humanity; with a focus on personal transformation and company culture. Audiences describe his talks as powerful, thought-provoking, and funny and theatrical (He’s a trained stage actor).

The sample below are a few select speeches from Vishen’s career that show is range of style and topic. Each talk is customized to each audience. No two speeches are ever the same.

Transforming work culture

Vishen brings in the science and studies on how to lead organizations in radically different way where work becomes a healing force and humans get to function at their best. Ideal for founders and CEOs. Vishen’s new book by Penguin Random House, “The Code of the Extraordinary Team” will be on this topic. He covers the story of Mindvalley and goes behind the scenes of the unique culture he created that now has attracted people from 54 nations to move to Malaysia to work for this company.

The 6 Phase Meditation

This speech at Google HQ Dublin became the most watched speech on the Wisdom 2.0 conference Youtube page. It combines science, humor and meditation. It’s been on watched over a million times on Youtube. This talk can be done in 30 mins but there is also a 7 hour version that goes deep in teaching the audience how to master advanced meditation.

The four levels of consciousness

This speech was the highest rated speech in 7 years of A-Fest. It’s less theatrical, more academic and covers some of the key topics from “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind”. You’ll learn how humans can directly accelerate their conscious development and how to become closer to unity consciousness.

Topic: goals and dreaming big

This is an example of comedy mixed with transformation as Vishen tells his origin story. This talk is more motivational. It leads to the popular 3 Most Important Questions exercise which is being used by millions around the world. The audience ends up with a single sheet of paper representing their boldest dreams and hopes for their life.

3 ways to become unfuckwithable

This speech is part biohacking and part spiritual awakening. It’s approaching one million views on Youtube, and has been sliced up by many third party motivational channels like Absolute Motivation. Vishen talks about forgiveness, self-love and being in the now as tools to enhance the human experience and make us more resistant to the ups and downs of life.

Sample Style - Vishen as a panelist

Vishen was the first guest to ever appear twice on Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory. This video from MotivationHub shows some of the highlights of that interview.

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