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I love hearing from my readers, Mindvalley students and fans.

Especially if you share my passion for raising human consciousness.

Here are the various ways you can reach out to me depending on your needs. Please note that strive to read every single message I get but due to the sheer volume I have several wonderful people assisting me.

Please note that if I answered all the requests I get for advice, I would not have time for anything else, so I strive to make everything I know easy and freely available for all via my Instagram, our Youtube Channel, and my Podcast. Do follow me there too.

Here Are All the Other Ways To Get In Touch

Vishen featured on Impact Theory

Request an Appearance on a Podcast, TV or Show

You can see examples of me on screen from:

  1. Impact Theory: Video 1 & Video 2
  2. London Real: Video

To book me for your show, podcast or interview, just reach out to my team at

Vishen on stage

Book Me To Speak

To book me to speak visit my Speaker Profile page to find out more about my speaking topics, view some of my talks, and book me for your next event.

Vishen featured on magazines

For Press Enquiries for Magazine, Newspapers and TV

As long as my schedule permits, I’d be happy to provide you with quotes or an interview for any relevant media articles on subjects like education, personal transformation, or work culture.

You can find my media kit below or reach out to my media team by emailing them. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

Share Your Mindvalley or Vishen Story

Have you listened to my podcast, read my book, or watched one of my videos that inspired you? Show me some love by leaving a review for my podcast here, or a book review here.

I’d also love to hear any questions, stories, or ideas you’d like to share on any of the subjects I talk about. Just drop me an email at

Marta, our tribe story-teller compiles the best stories which we often feature on our site and social media. Marta shares every email with me.

Marta Vusyatytska

Marta Vusyatytska
Tribe Story-teller

Get on the Mindvalley Stage or be a Mindvalley Author

Mindvalley is a 300 person (and growing) company with many talented people making the decisions. I know longer chose speakers or authors. But our head of publishing Miriam Gubovic does. Drop her an email at with as much information as you can.

Please note that we get 3,000 requests a year and we cannot possible publish everyone but we do our best to read each incoming enquiry.

Miriam Gubovičová

Miriam Gubovičová
Head of Publishing

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Mindvalley Team

Customer Support

If you’re looking for support on any Mindvalley program or event or app, visit our all-in-one support center. You can find answers to roughly 80% of questions there. And if you need further help, you the CHAT option to chat with an agent.

Careers at Mindvalley

If you’re looking for a job at Mindvalley, please visit our careers page.

Everything Else

If you have any enquiries related to Mindvalley, please visit the official Mindvalley contact page.

Want to contact me for any other reason not listed above? Send an email to my team and I at

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To enquire about Vishen speaking at your event please email